Dr. Mark P. Helfat is the founder and owner of Larchmont Animal Hospital.  He graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in 1973 and the NYS College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1977.

Dr. Helfat devotes most of his time to medical appointments and has a particular interest in dermatology, renal disorders, and cardiology.  He also cares for goats, sheep, and cattle.  Dr. Helfat believes strongly in organized veterinary medicine and has served as an officer in the South Jersey Veterinary Medical Association  and the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (President 1996).  Dr. Helfat has represented the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association  in the American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA)  House of Delegates and served on the AVMA’s Board of Directors, eventually assuming the role of Board Chair.

Dr. Paul Tamas graduated from the University of Veterinary Science in Hungary in 1972. He completed an internship at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1981 and a residency in anesthesiology at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 1984.  He also attended the Medical Dental Center in 1998 and 2003.  Dr. Tamas’ particular interests are anesthesiology, soft tissue surgery, ophthamology, and otology.  Outside the office he enjoys photography, videography, camping, skiing, biking, and classic cars.  Dr. Tamas prides himself in owning 2 classic Mini’s— a 1972 Mini 1000, and a rare 1980 Mini Cabrio (of which there are only 6 in the U.S.).



As the owner of an independent, community based animal hospital, it saddens me to pronounce that my profession is losing its soul as corporations and private equity assume control of the veterinary industry.  For four decades plus, I have always viewed veterinary medicine as the most unique profession that one could describe.  As practitioners, we treat animals and care for owners.  Yes, “we care for owners”.  Our patients do not arrive on their own.  The arm of a human is at the end of a leash or upon the handle of a carrier.  And, at the core of this veterinarian/client relationship is one word: TRUST.

At Larchmont Animal Hospital we establish and gain your trust by forging a personal relationship— a one-on-one caring, empathetic, honest, and human touch.  It is my opinion that such trust and caring is best found at the independently owned, smaller-sized, community-based veterinary practice.  It is sad to report that such animal hospitals are quickly disappearing as corporations which have no veterinary control or interest continue to buy up a multitude of veterinary facilities.

Here is what you will find at our privately owned, independent hospital:

  • The receptionists greet each client by their first name—because they know and remember their first name.
  • The receptionists greet each pet by their name—because they know and remember their name.
  • Appointments are booked within 48 hours of request.
  • Emergencies are seen that day.
  • Appointment requests for specific veterinarians are gladly accommodated.
  • There is frequent conversation in the exam room regarding family and all the health updates and milestones that accompany such personal conveyance.  There is no shortage of bad and sad news, however, we find the time and we find the concern.
  • The veterinary and the non veterinary staff has negligible turnover, averaging 10 years or longer.  in fact, more than half the staff has worked 20 years.
  • Financial concerns and limits are addressed as case-by-case issues.  We respect each client’s financial limits, and alternative medical options are offered.
  • We see our patients from youth to euthanasia.
  • We see our clients age as children to adults….and then their children.
  • While appointments are scheduled at 15 minute intervals, they often go over….and we do not mind.
  • Callbacks are made the next day for every surgery and for most ‘sick’ visits.
  • We often suggest rechecks immediately if something is not quite right.

To summarize all of the above into one defining description of Larchmont Animal Hospital I would simply state that our job #1 is to gain your trust, treat you as family, provide caring and personal service, and exceed your expectations.

Mark Helfat, D.V.M. (owner)


I have been a Larchmont client for 5 years. I would never go elsewhere! The vets are truly caring and not fake. While veterinary care can be costly, their bills are reasonable, fair, fully explained, and you know your money is being spent wisely. They even call you back the very next day when tests are run and they want to check on how the pet is feeling. With only 2 vets (Dr. Helfat and Dr. Tamas), you always know who you are seeing, and so you feel very comfortable and your pet recognizes a familiar, friendly face.
– Jacky

I recently visited Larchmont Animal Hospital with my dog Chuck. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this veterinary facility. The staff is cordial and caring. The veterinarian I met is warm, knowledgeable, and wow, good looking. The prices are reasonable. The clinic is clean and smells good! I left my visit with a warm feeling about this establishment, and Chuck went home with a gift bag. I am looking into boarding Chuck at Larchmont as well (they even have a groomer). Great place! Strongly recommend.
– Tetley

Dr. Tamas is absolutely wonderful with the animals and their owners. He is generous with his time and extremely knowledgeable. His kindness and love for animals are apparent. He never rushes through an appointment and takes time to thoroughly answer all questions. His staff is equally pleasant and expresses a genuine concern for the animals it tends to.
– Carolin