Larchmont Animal Hospital offers a modern, spacious, and clean boarding facility. The kennel is staffed by experienced, mature, and conscientious employees who have worked at the office for many years. We board dogs in our large separate wing which provides expansive indoor/outdoor runs. The kennel is well-lit, air conditioned/heated, and immaculate. The dogs sleep on raised platforms with thick plush bedding. The premises is routinely cleaned and disinfected. Cats are boarded in a separate area where there are large cages sporting cat-beds and blankets. We will also board rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc. as long as the owner supplies the appropriate cage and food.

The kennel supplies all of the dog and cat food, unless the owner wishes to bring their own.

The veterinary staff and technicians monitor all of the boarders, making sure that they are well cared for, comfortable, and happy. Should there be any signs of illness, the hospital staff is alerted and the pet is examined and treated, if necessary. Of course, the owners are notified immediately of any health issues, and their consent is requested.

Pets may be boarded for any period of time, including even half-days. Long-term boarding is available with a discount after the first 30 days.

The whole boarding facility is climate controlled and monitored by a central security system wired into the Mt. Laurel Police Dept. and the Mt. Laurel Fire Dept.

Surgeries, medical care, and bathing may be arranged for animals while boarded. Medications may be administered to boarders as well.

Our kennel rates are quite economical and generally priced below the competition.

2023 rates: $44/night(Dogs), $40/night(Cats). Medications are $5/day.

All kennel dogs and cats are required to be current on vaccinations (including Bordetella and Influenza for dogs) and proof of such is required.

Discounts are offered for seniors, military, first-time client, wellness plans, and long-term boarders.

We are very proud of our boarding kennel and we welcome inspections.


I have been a Larchmont client for 5 years. I would never go elsewhere! The vets are truly caring and not fake. While veterinary care can be costly, their bills are reasonable, fair, fully explained, and you know your money is being spent wisely. They even call you back the very next day when tests are run and they want to check on how the pet is feeling. With only 2 vets (Dr. Helfat and Dr. Tamas), you always know who you are seeing, and so you feel very comfortable and your pet recognizes a familiar, friendly face.
– Jacky

I recently visited Larchmont Animal Hospital with my dog Chuck. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this veterinary facility. The staff is cordial and caring. The veterinarian I met is warm, knowledgeable, and wow, good looking. The prices are reasonable. The clinic is clean and smells good! I left my visit with a warm feeling about this establishment, and Chuck went home with a gift bag. I am looking into boarding Chuck at Larchmont as well (they even have a groomer). Great place! Strongly recommend.
– Tetley

Dr. Tamas is absolutely wonderful with the animals and their owners. He is generous with his time and extremely knowledgeable. His kindness and love for animals are apparent. He never rushes through an appointment and takes time to thoroughly answer all questions. His staff is equally pleasant and expresses a genuine concern for the animals it tends to.
– Carolin